April 29 Assignment

It is both scary and comforting to know you are only good at one thing.  Forget that extra time most people spend searching for a talent to lead towards to a career.  When you’re only good at one thing you’re never faced with choosing between medicine, or teaching, or science–you don’t have a choice.

Writing is what I’m good and it’s what I love.  It doesn’t matter that this realization limits my career options, because there’s only one thing I want to do: work at a women’s magazine. Magazines provide both commentary and prediction of culture.  With New York city being the mecca of all important lady mags, I’ve never imagined living anywhere else.  In New York, the big lifestyle and fashion magazines are all located in the Times Square/Theatre District area.  These magazines include W, Vanity Fair, NY magazine, Vogue, Lucky, Comsopolitan, and Glamour.  Most are owned by Condé Nast or Hearst publications.

My favorite magazine of all time is Vanity Fair.  It’s a blend of culture, style, and current events that no other magazine can match.  I feel like it’s a magazine for the sophisticated woman who still yearns for a bit of frivolity.  I think of it as a mix of my two favorite magazines–Time and Lucky– with a splash of Entertainment Weekly.  Vanity Fair has an influence on society like no other magazine.  In 2004, Graydon Carter, the edior in chief was reportedly paid $1000,000 for suggesting years earlier in the magazine that the book “A Beautiful Mind” be made into a film.

New York has been loosely defined for me through Sex and the City and one of my favorite magazine covers feature Sarah Jessica Parker, better known as Carrier Bradshaw on the Brooklyn Bridge. I love her character because not only is she a writer but she also periodically let’s her bra straps show, and that’s just so liberating.

They say life's what happens when you're busy making other plans. But sometimes in New York, life is what happens when you're waiting for a table.- Carrie Bradshaw

When I think of Times Square, I think of this photo.  What I love most about this picture is that it isn’t as it seems.  It looks like two long lost lovers reuniting but truly this young sailor grabbed a pretty girl on a whim and kissed her, oh the spontaneity.

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