GAGA: glitter & grease

There were 2 things I was sure of before going abroad. Regardless of rain, sleet, snow, or quadriplegia I was going to:

1. Witness Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour
2. Attend the HP 7.1 midnight premiere in the birthplace of The Boy Who Lived

A week ago, Gaga did 3 performances at the O2 theater in Dublin.  We went to the second show, on Wednesday.  It was THE electro pop opera of the year.  Gaga is innovative in so many ways.  The Monster ball was no different.  It was 150% Gaga-rific with a dazzling set and couture costumes, both created Haus of Gaga, a handpicked group of desingers.   But it was the obvious influences from her icons and contemporaries that made the concert sparkle.  There was a little bit of Madonna in her constant referrals to the importance of peace, acceptance and freedom.  And a little bit of Beyonce and Britney in her use of every inch of the stage as a dance platform.  But make no mistake:

“Gaga does not fucking lip sync”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t know if it’s just my love for Gaga but every concert show I’ve seen up until this point doesn’t even compare.  This bitch was crazier than New Year’s in Times Square.

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