Amsterdam is not what you think. It’s quiet. And simple. And charming. And surprisingly normal.  Walking the streets of Amsterdam makes you forget it’s home to the infamous Red Light District.  The city doesn’t reek of marijuana.  In fact, we rarely smelled any (except outside the coffee shops, of course).

Amsterdam is universally known as a city of acceptance and tolerance.  Historically, various religions, ethnicities, and political ideas have coexisted in Amsterdam.  I think that’s the only reason Amsterdam can be intrinsically unlike any other city in the world but function just like any other.  That is the draw of Amsterdam; It is such a conundrum to the human mind.

Amsterdam Index

The Good

  • Watching undersexed men leaving prostitute’s rooms in the red light. +250
  • Visited Anne Frank’s house.  I had a serious obsession with her in grade school. I forgot how relevant her words are. Her diary is one of the most read books in the world. +150
  • The Van Gogh museum was much more impressive than the Picasso museum in Barcelona. +80


  • Our tour guide was from New Zealand. She looked like Muffy from the cartoon, Arthur. +50
  • Amsterdam is one of the most innovative and globally conscious cities in the world. Sorry, Baton Rouge. +40
  • Desserts like fried donuts and belgian waffles smothered in strawberries, powdered sugar and whipped cream +55

The Bad

  • Everyone in Amsterdam is cooler than you…even the grandparents. – 50
  • Three days was not enough time to eat as many delicious pastries as were available. – 40

Total 535

Jordan and I enjoying Pancake Corner, our favorite restaurant in Amsterdam


Amsterdam photos

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