Rome is everything you think it is.  Their is a bit of renaissance left in the air that makes you feel like you should be writing the next great novel or sculpting the next David.  The buildings are so aged, it makes Mount Rushmore look like it was built yesterday.  The pope is treated like a rockstar. And the delicious food makes you envy the Italian’s ability to stay so thin.

Florence, on the other hand, was just a big party.

Rome photosFlorence photos

Italy Index

The Good

  • All Italians wear great shoes.  Yes, that is a blanket statement. +50
  • The Colosseum is about as awe-inspiring as the idea of breathing underwater. +140
  • After a weekend in Northern Ireland with the pound, it was refreshing to use the Euro again. +60
  • There is a life threatening abundance of pasta and wine  +120
  • The weather in Italy was much warmer than it is in Ireland.  I bet it’s not snowing in Italy. +100
  • Wine tasting is a common pastime. +350

    gorgeous handmade Italian leather shoes



The Neutral (the positive and the negative)

  • You WILL go broke spending all your money on leather goods.  Don’t fight it. It’s inevitable.   +/- 500

The Bad

  • No I did not read “Eat, Pray, Love” and any references to it are unwelcomed. -100
  • The guys in Italy like to introduce themselves by touching you inappropriately. -70
  • The acclaimed ‘leaning’ tower of Pisa is not worth your time unless you can’t live without a hokey photo of yourself pretending to lean against it. 50


Total 650

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